We’re still here.

Yes. We are still here. We survived this election.

The polls were wrong. It was an unexpected result. Seventy days from now, Trump will be inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States of America.

It’s a little unprecedented for me to write in English since I mostly write in Japanese in this blog. But I don’t have enough prowess of the Japanese language to express how I feel and what I think of this moment. Last night, was truly one of the most stressful election night I’ve ever had.

Honestly, part of me knew Hillary was going lose but another part of me want her to win because I personally don’t like the idea of a man, who incites hateful, racist, sexist, homophobic, misogynistic rhetoric, to be the next president. But unfortunately, people voted the businessman. We won’t know what really happen until we have all of the votes and even with all the tallies counted, it would take political scientists a couple years to figure out what really happen. At least that’s what one of the instructors in school said.

During my lunch break, there was a dialogue/discussion in one of the conference rooms to talk about the previous night. Specifically, we touched on a few questions:img_3509

  • How are you feeling?
  • How did we come to this?
  • What do we need to do to move forward?

One of my favorite teachers, Dr. J, led the dialogue, and it was a chance for me to hear what others has to say and what they’re thinking. It was such a large group, I was intimidated to say anything. There were a lot of great points, which I, unfortunately, have forgotten already. But, by the time, I had to leave, my own worries and anxieties had abated.

But those questions were good to consider and since I didn’t really share my insights with the group. I’ll share here. So, I’ve touched a little bit on the first and second questions, but not in detail. I don’t really want to say what Hillary did wrong because she was already battling the white elephant in the room so I have to give her credit for that.

There is one question that I’ve been wondering about. When he comes into office, what will he do? I’m concerned about what he’s going to do because his slogan is “LET’S MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.” But how? In his definition, making this nation great again would mean the following the conservative Republican view. There are at least three issues I’m going to mention:

  • the Dakota Access Pipeline – chances are that pipeline will likely be approve because it’s a private business. Since Trump is the next President who owns private businesses and doesn’t care about the Native American rights, he’s going to approve it
  • Affordable Care Act “Obamacare” – Republicans have been trying to get rid of it and with Trump in the office, it’s on top of his priority list. He’s going to get rid of it and privatized healthcare…He wants to take away healthcare from people who need it the most…
  • the mass deportation – Deportations always happen. But he has explicitly stated that he will send illegal immigrants back. And, this will probably happen…but hopefully it won’t

Then, of course, there’s the whole about jobs and unemployment, the economy, the refugees from Syria…the list goes on…

For the third question, what do we need to do to move forward…

Well, it has to start with local government like city and state. Washington state is one of the most liberal states I’ve ever lived and we have to protect its state laws and local city laws. We have to vote on the laws that would impact our daily lives, like the city parks, the tax laws, or the Link Rail. These laws we have to care about. There are other laws that we need to consider but it starts in our own backyard.

I can say more but I think most people saying the same thing as I am…

But one thing for sure. Yes, we have Trump as the next President of the USA. But we’ll be okay. It’s four years. Hopefully, he won’t start a war like the other one did. But this country made it through many obstacles and challenges in the past. This is another one of those obstacle….

Let’s just not make this EXACT SAME election four years from now.


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